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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Water Spinach (Convolvolus) - 'phak boung ' - ผักบุ้ง

Water Convolvulus, Thai: ผักบุ้ง - pak boung, is a Water Spinach. It is now grown extensively around the world and has many different names in many countries. It is a member of the Morning Glory family.

This recipe, Phad Pak-bung, or, (Phad Phak Boung), is a fast, (can be) 'hot', addition of 'green' to a quick Rice meal. A bunch of 'pak boung' would adequately feed two people, as addition to rice.

Servings: - 2 people - or, multiply the ingredients, as needed


300 gms x Water Spinach - 'Phak-boung', or 'Pak Boong'.
3-5 x Garlic Cloves
5-10 x Chillies
1 tbsp x Soy Beans Sauce
1 tbsp x Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp x Sugar
2 tbsps x Canola Oil (for frying)
Shallots - optional


Grind/pound Garlic and Chilies together, but not quite to a paste consistency. Mix all the ingredients together and place in a bowl ready for cooking.
Put the oil into a Wok/pan and turn the heat up very high. The oil must be VERY hot.Watch for the 'spitting' sizzle, when the Phak-Boung is added! Virtually 'in and out'.

Add all ingredients and stir fry quickly. This only takes around a minute - if that, but be careful - it will spit, sizzle and complain!

Serve as an addition to your Rice. Pak Boung is very tasty.


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