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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Sapodilla - 'la moot' / 'la -mood' - ละมุด

This wonderful fruit makes waiting for September, worthwhile, if you live in the South of Thailand, and the 'lamoot', or 'lamoud', 'ละมุด', is plentiful. Not much bigger than an egg in size, and not too unlike a Kiwi-Fruit in skin texture, the 'Sapodilla' can be peeled easily with a knife. I use a potato-peeler, and lose less flesh when peeling. They do contain a few large browny-black seeds, similar to an almond in size, but these can be found easily and present no problems in discarding. Don't eat them !

The flesh is slightly gritty, coffee-coloured and varies from a sweet, fragrant, honey-flavour, to very sweet, and similar in taste, some say, to a Fig, when extremely ripe.

Preparation is interesting as well. Try and cut a "zig-zag" pattern in the fruit , which affords you an ease of locating the seeds. This may be why the la moot is favoured by many Thai Fruit Carvers


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