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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sugared Egg Bananas - 'Kluai Kai Cheuam' - กล้วยไข่เชื่อม

One of my great treats, is when I get to eat some Kluai Cheuam - Bananas in syrupy, sugar coating.

The well-known 'turtle-egg' banana, Kluai Khai tao, is a tiny variety, not much bigger than your thumb, but has a lovely, very thin, yellow skin and a mild taste. Very delicious. You could sit and eat a whole hand of these without getting full. Yummy!

This treat can be eaten at anytime, but, I think, is best after dinner - maybe with some... ICE CREAM?

Serving: 2 people. Maybe 5 - 6 bananas per person


1 x hand of Kluai Khai tao bananas
½ x kg Sugar
½ x cup Water


Mix the sugar and water in a pot. Place over gentle heat and stir until very thick and syrupy. This is now near boiling point.

Peel the bananas. Once the syrup is like runny-toffee, put the bananas in and cook slowly. The Bananas are ready when they have 'taken-on' the sugar mix and are noticeably softer and really yellowy/golden in colour. Once cooked, remove from the pot and allow to cool on a plate.


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