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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Spicy Seasoned Chicken with Rice

This is a fabulous dish, a favourite of mine. Every time I get a chance to go to Cha Am, Thailand, I go to a little restaurant near the markets, and get some. Then, wouldn't you know it, my, then, wife said; "I can make that! It's EASY!"

Serving Quantity: - Six (6) people


  • One (1) x packet of 'Spicy Chicken-in-Rice Seasoning' Lobo Brand (see Image above)
  • One(1) x Chicken - cut into pieces
  • 3-4 cups x Rice (about 400gms) - 1 cup per person
  • 2 x Cucumbers - maybe the little Taeng kwa, or larger Taeng ran
  • Spring Onions - (Thai: Dtom hom)
  • Sultanas (Optional)
  • Water - (I always use a Stock)


Wash the rice well, and put it in your Rice Cooker.

Add a cup of water for every cup of rice - plus one extra - if needed.

Cut up a whole (1Kg) chicken, if you have around 6 people. Varying amounts of chicken for less people (and less rice). Wash the chicken thoroughly, and add the pieces to the rice cooker. Add some sultanas, if preferred. Add the contents of the 'Spicy Chicken-In-Rice Seasoning Mix', and stir it up well. Turn the rice cooker on - and leave it to do it's job.

* N.B. If you are cooking for, say 8-10 people, use two packets of Seasoning Mix.

When, the rice cooker is finished, stir the contents, and leave on 'simmer' until required - DON'T allow it to dry-out.

Serve with slices of Cucumber and lots of diced Spring Onions, Pineapple pieces and a little Parsley, or Coriander.

Some spicy Sweet Thai Chili Dipping Sauce is a great condiment.


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