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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Pork and Prawn Wonton Soup

This delightful meal is one of my all-time favourites. It doesn't take too long to make, and is worthwhile. If you are into making things yourself, instead of buying ready-made items, then have a look at Rhonda Parkinson's recipe for Home-Made Wonton Wrappers. It's easy and quick, too.

The secret is to ensure a fine processing, and combining, of the two meats, and NOT to put too much in each wonton wrapper. Also, make sure there is no air bubbles in the parcel, (or clouds), as the Chinese call them - (I learned that from Rhonda).

Serving Quantity: 4 people (eight (8) wontons per person)


  • 500 gms x Pork Fillet - cut into small pieces for processing
  • 300 gms x Prawns (peeled and de-veined)
  • Salt and Pepper - if desired.
  • 3 x Spring Onions
  • 2 Ltrs x slightly salted water for cooking the wontons
  • 2 Ltrs x a Broth, or Stock, preferably Chicken
  • 1 Packet x Wonton Wrappers
  • Small amount of water in a dish/bowl


Place Pork and Shrimp together in equal quantities, into a processor. Grind to a fine texture (optional). Once done, remove and season, if desired, continuing to mix it together, briefly, by hand.

Prepare the wonton wrappers (...and you need a small bowl of water to wet the edge of the wrappers for sealing).

Place a wonton wrapper in the palm of you hand, and measure out one (1) teaspoon of the meat mixture. Place the meat mixture in the centre of the wrapper. Gently, wet the tip of the spoon handle, with the water, and moisten the entire edge of the wrapper. Then fold one corner to the diagonally opposite corner. Gently press all edges together, and you have your little 'triangle' wanton. Repeat until all the Mixture is used.

N.B. Please ensure there are NO air bubbles in your wonton parcel. This gentle squeezing also helps the wontons to wrinkle as they shrink during cooking.

Bring two litres of Slightly Salted water to a gentle boil, and carefully insert the wontons, keeping them moving for a few moments, to avoid sticking. This may take some time as you do not wish to overcrowd your cooking process. Cooking should take around five (5) minutes, or until they float. Remove them and place in the bowls for serving. Over-cooking, or air-bubbles, will loosen the wrappers!

Quickly bring a Broth/Stock to the boil. This can be a weak chicken broth, made as simply as possible. You don't want to over-power the flavour of the wontons. Dice some of the Green Shoots of the Spring Onions into the broth. Ladle the broth over the wontons and garnish with some of the spring onions. Serve.

I like mine with a little Cantonese Suki Sauce.

HINT: Don't make more than required, as the wontons NEVER really taste good the next day!


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