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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Magnificent Mangosteen - 'mang-khoud', or 'mang koot' - ลูกมังคุด.

These are Mangosteens - (Mang-khoud). They are my favourite August /September, in Thailand, fruit. I can't devote enough time to them, because of other fruit which ripens in October. What am I saying? I could eat these magnificent mangosteens - every day!

They have a thick, purplish skin, which can be removed either by cutting around the middle and opening it. Some people tear them open by twisting the fruit - but this is MESSY, due to the really dark juice content of the skin - ( don't get it on your clothing ). I just cut them up and gobble them up! The white, fleshy, pillows of perfection, have a flavour to drive you as crazy as me.

Give me more! They are in my list of top fruits! Try them!


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