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Monday, 21 December 2015

Fruits of Thailand - 8 - Jackfruit - 'ka noon' - ขนุน

Plate 1. - JACKFRUIT - 'ka noon' - ขนุน

Plate 2. - JACKFRUIT - 'ka noon' - ขนุน

Somewhat like a Durian, but even bigger, sometimes up to 30 kgs, and it takes an expert to open it with a sharp knife (*and some cooking oil, to rid the blade of the white, sticky, resin/sap-like latex). People usually don’t buy a whole fruit. The vendor will open it, and take the yellowish flesh out for retail. Its large seeds are edible after being boiled, and are nutritious too.

I have read an authoritive website that states Jackfruit seeds may also be boiled for around 5 minutes, then baked, before being eaten.

Despite their relatively unappealing outer appearance the fruit inside is crisp, crunchy and fresh tasting. Well worth while.


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