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Monday, 21 December 2015

Fruits of Thailand - 14 - Marian Plum / Plum Mango - 'mah phrāng' - มะปราง

Plate 1. - MARIAN PLUM / PLUM MANGO - 'mah phrang' มะปราง

Mah Prang belongs to the same family as mango, but the taste is not really the same. Ma Prang tastes a bit like mango (the taste of the flesh), a bit like plum (texture of the pulp and the rind of the fruit, which is edible too), but in general - it is unique.

The entire fruit, including its single seed, is edible. The fruit range from sweet to sour in flavour, and have a light smell of turpentine. The ripening season of the fruit, say, on Koh Samui, is usually the end of March, and beginning of April, (plus or minus a couple of weeks, depending on weather conditions).


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