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Monday, 21 December 2015

Fruits of Thailand - 12 - Lychee / Lichee - 'linchi' - ลิ้นจี่

Plate 1. - LYCHEE / LICHEE - 'linchi' - ลิ้นจี่

The bright red fruit of the Lychee (linchee) is just smaller than a golf ball with a rind similar to the golf ball but with pimples rather the dimples. Firm pressure with the thumbs breaks the rind and reveals the white fleshy fruit that is very sweet and rich in vitamin C. The seed inside the fruit is not edible.

The fruit is available only a few months a year but is easily canned and is often served as dessert in Thai and Chinese restaurants.

There are many cultivars of the two main species and purists in various Asian countries claim theirs are the best and sweetest.

Also transplanted from South China, but much later than the Longan. Now, it is widely grown in Chiang Mai and other northern provinces and is just as good in quality as the fruit produced in China. Its slight tartness gives its sweet pulp a unique taste. Season: April to May.


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