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Monday, 21 December 2015

Fruits of Thailand - 10 - Longan - 'lam yai' - ลำไย

Plate 1. - LONGAN - 'lam yai' - ลำไย

Brought into Thailand, by Chinese immigrants, hundreds of years ago, it was first planted in Bangkok and then in the North. It is in the North that the fruit has flourished, and become one of Thailand’s largest export fruits. The most famous species is the Pink Longan produced in Chiang Mai. Its flesh is pinkish, thick, and delightfully sweet.

Longan is one of the classic Thai fruits and hugely popular with the locals. The fruit grows in bunches like grapes. The brown casing is crisp, and easy to break. The creamy grey fruit is wrapped around a single stone and has a texture and taste similar to Lychee. As well as eating it fresh, the fruit is also tinned and available worldwide.


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